Design and Synthesis of Haptens for Thiamethoxam

Thiamethoxam, shown in Fig.1, is a broad-spectrum insecticide that effectively controls insects. Meanwhile, thiamethoxam is the fastest-selling insecticide because of its unique biological and chemical properties, such as flexible application methods, favorable safety profile, low use rate, long-lasting residual activity, and excellent efficacy for modern integrated pest management programmers. However, thiamethoxam is toxic to aquatic species, such as mysid shrimp and rainbow trout embryos, as well as to honey bees and parasitic wasps. Hence, this compound possibly contaminates water and soil via wind drift and leaching. Based on the advanced technologies and wealthy experiences in designing and developing small molecule antibodies, Creative Biolabs provides the design and synthesis services of haptens for thiamethoxam to meet customers’ antibody discovery needs.

The structure of thiamethoxam. Figure.1 The structure of thiamethoxam.

Design and Synthesis of Haptens

At Creative Biolabs, we firstly design several haptens for thiamethoxam based on customers’ requirements. It is noticed that the molecular structure of hapten should contain a certain degree of complexity or rigidity, such as containing benzene ring, heterocyclic group, branch structure and so on. At the same time, the structure of the hapten spacer arm should be far from the functional groups to avoid affecting the recognition of antibodies to the hapten. Secondly, we will check which hapten is more sensitive and high affinity. Then, we will prepare for the synthesis of thiamethoxam derivatives and the hapten–protein conjugates. For antibody production, animal immunization and antibody screening should be done. After these, we use a suitable method to analyze and characterization antibodies.

Advantages of Haptens

Most pesticides, (molecular weight less than 1000), do not have immunogenicity to produce antibodies because they lack epitopes which could be recognized by T cells to elicit immune responses. These small molecular compounds are also called haptens. Compared with molecules, haptens are the smallest molecules that can evoke an immune response only when they bind to carrier proteins. In general, haptens can bind to serum proteins fast in vivo, such as albumin. In a word, haptens are more convenient than other large molecules when researchers test whether pesticides present in the water or soil.

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At Creative Biolabs, we provide a series of design and development services of haptens for thiamethoxam, including the design, synthesis, selection, modification, and characterization based on our advanced techniques and years of experience. During the projects, we will communicate with clients for their project plans in time and design a suitable workflow based on their requirements. Our services are not limited to these and will improve all the time and explore new technologies to advance antibody development. If you want to know more information about the design and synthesis services of haptens, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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