Organophosphorus Insecticides (OPs) Hapten Design and Synthesis

Since the foundation, Creative Biolabs has established its biochemical synthesis methods, especially for haptens with small molecular weight (FW <1000), such as antibiotics, toxins, pesticides, etc., which have unique antigen/immunogen synthesis methods. Therefore, we can meet the quality requirements of customized antigens/immunogens and greatly improve the sensitivity and specificity of antibodies.

Overview of Organophosphorus (OPs) Insecticides

In recent years, OPs insecticides have been widely used in the agricultural, forestry and horticultural industries around the world, and they have made significant contributions to increasing agricultural yields and controlling disease vectors. However, they are considered hazardous due to their high toxicity to non-target species and their persistence in the environment. Besides, food and environmental pollution problems caused by excessive use of OPs insecticides have attracted increasing attention. Therefore, it is important to develop a fast, sensitive and economical method for the detection of OPs insecticides and their residues in food and the environment. Many methods for detecting OPs insecticides have been reported, such as gas chromatography and high-performance liquid chromatography. Although they have good sensitivity and reliability, the process of preparing samples by these methods is time-consuming, expensive and not suitable for high-throughput screening. In recent years, immunoassays have received widespread attention as a simple, sensitive, and cost-effective tool for high-throughput screening analysis for the detection of OPs insecticides.

Our Service for Haptens Design and Synthesis

Organophosphorus Insecticides (OPs) Hapten Design and Synthesis

The development of immunoassays involves the production of antibodies against the analyte. Because insecticides are small molecules, their derivatives, haptens, are need to be prepared. Hapten can induce antibody production if it is coupled to a carrier protein. To develop OPs-specific immunoassays, Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive OPs hapten design and synthesis services to produce immunogens that can induce antibody production. Our OPs hapten design and synthesis services include:

  • Design and Synthesis of Class-specific Haptens for Organophosphorus Insecticides
  • Immunoassays are often developed to identify single compounds with high specificity, and they can also be used to detect various related compounds in a single test. These latter immunoassays are also referred to as broad-specific, class-specific, or multi-analyte assays. In class-specific immunoassays, designing class-specific haptens is an important step. The design of the class-specific hapten is based on the common structure of OPs insecticides: O, O-diethyl or O, O-dimethyl phosphorothioate. At present, based on the common structure (O, O-dimethyl phosphorothioate) of OPs insecticides, three haptens with different spacer arms have been synthesized and monoclonal antibodies against O, O-diethyl O-(5-carboxy-2 fluorophenyl) phosphorothioate have been produced for the determination of OPs insecticides in a class-specific manner. In class-specific assays, these monoclonal antibodies exhibit broad specificity and high sensitivity.

  • Design and Synthesis of Compound-specific Haptens for Organophosphorus Insecticides
  • There are 24 OPs compounds used in immunoassays (18 kinds of O, O-diethyl OPs, and 6 kinds of O, O-dimethyl OPs). According to the structural features of different OPs compounds, Creative Biolabs uses a chemical synthesis method to provide a series of compound-specific haptens with appropriate functional groups (-COOH; -NH2, -OH, -SH, etc.), which are used for coupling with carrier proteins. Immunogens are synthesized by covalently binding haptens to carrier proteins via a coupling spacer. These immunogens can be used to generate antibodies against OPs.

Creative Biolabs has state-of-the-art laboratories, highly qualified and professional scientists, technical and scientific innovations, and experienced project managers who can help you solve any problems encountered in the design and synthesis of OPs haptens. We offer small-molecule hapten synthesis services and specializes in custom synthesis and contract research. In addition to OPs hapten, we also have extensive experience and expertise on:

Regardless of their background (such as Pharma, BioTech, or Academia), we provide our customers with custom-made small molecule haptens for their antibody development or supply chain. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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